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Welcome!  I'm the author of The Affliction Chronicles, the epic fantasy novels featuring Lange of Arenes.

Army of Affliction
The first book in the The Affliction Chronicles series
Available on Amazon

Reviewer Comments for
Army of Affliction

"...great well written read." "...eagerly awaiting next book." 
Goodreads Reviewer

Wonderful Read - Fascinating Characters." 
Amazon Reviewer.

This highly enjoyable read was a very pleasant and welcome surprise."
Amazon Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it left me wanting more."
Amazon Reviewer

"I really enjoyed this book it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very awesome book!"
Goodreads Reviewer

Festival of Affliction - Prequel to Book 1 of The Affliction Chronicles
Available on Amazon

Book 2 of The Affliction Chronicles is coming soon.
Book 3 of The Affliction Chronicles is coming in the near future.

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